Why “The Jeanius Factory”?

The Jeanius Factory was founded in 2012 by Scott and Jean Seely. Married since 1995, Scott nicknamed Jean “Jeanius” because she’s smart. The idea behind the full name comes from their shared vision of building a company that employs smart people (genius types) to build great products. The first products out the door will be software for the mobile market. Before long, we see The Jeanius Factory building physical goods too.

About Us

The Jeanius Factory is a Microsoft shop, building software for Azure, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8. Today, our primary business is software development. We value those who understand the craft of building software. By treating development as a craft, we tend to have a higher quality product that allows new people to quickly become productive when they join our team. We ship continuously, test every check-in, and make sure that as teams grow, the software quality stays high. We also value design and spend time making sure the software we create is usable, beautiful, and valuable to customers.

We have a few core beliefs that make The Jeanius Factory a great place to work. We tend to move to the latest technology as fast as possible, keeping us at the front of the technology curve. We value our employee’s time. Communications infrastructure fosters the ability to work from where you are productive and still join in spontaneous conversations from anywhere. Finally, we value you. Continuous learning is very important as is time off to enjoy life, volunteer, and participate in your community.

We are also different from most software development companies that you have ever worked for. You will learn what a quality gate looks like for everything for performance, manageability, reliability, security, and administration. What you find at The Jeanius Factory is the company that the Seelys always wanted to work for but could never find.


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